Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 16 Grilled Chicken Salad, Feb 2, 2012

Today is my day off. I am spending it with Hubby. I slept in till 1030, so I didn't eat breakfast. Started out with coffee, yes that's how I start everyday.
For lunch I made what I like to call "My Grilled Chicken Salad."  Check out the recipe.
Snack was 3-4 sticks of celery, cream cheese (full fat), and Queen olives. We by the Mario brand.

Haven't decided about dinner yet. It's 1900 and I am not really hungry. I also have been drinking lots of water.

So, I finally got hungry and pulled out some ribs I cooked in the crockpot  from a week 1, which I have not posted yet. (The ribs were in the freezer).
So I had a small bowl with pulled rib meat and some coleslaw I made today..It's not pretty to look at, but it was delicious.


  1. That salad looks great! I had an awesome salad yesterday at Sweet Tomato.

  2. I was gonna write that! Way to steal my comment The salad does look amazing!

  3. Thanks for dropping in Alex. That salad was yummy. I put the broccoli flowerettes on Jerre's salad and cut the stem's for mine. I like crunchy things. I usually munch on the inside of the stems when I am cutting up broccoli. Iknow, I am a little weird. But, who isn't :)