Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 17, Venison Chili,

So I am posting this a day late. Due to work. :)
Friday for breakfast I had Scrambled eggs with asparagus, with a side of avocado and black pepper. And, coffee, of course.
It is not pretty to look at, but it was yummy.
See recipe for more details.

After running around all morning, I needed a quick before my 1.5 hour drive to work. So I heated up some leftover crock pot ribs and coleslaw. Oh, and three slices of grapefruit. At this rate this grapefruit is gonna last a long time.. guess i better pull it a part and freeze it.

Sometime around 5, at work I was famished. So I had 2-3 celery sticks with cream cheese and 3 queen olives.

Later while I was heating up my homemade venison Chili I had some pecans, about 5-10.

Venison Chili and two sticks of Colby Jack cheese.


  1. How was the venison chili?? It was so good when Matt made it!

  2. It was delicious. I have more in the freezer.