Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 18, Low Carb burgar from Chappys. 2/4/12 Sat.

As always, I started my day out with two cups of coffee and nondairy creamer (liquid kind only. Don't like the powdered kind).
Breakfast, I forgot to bring my hard boiled eggs and didn't want to buy any from the cafeteria at work. They are good but expensive and I have plenty of food with me. So I had half avocado with leftover chopped chicken strips in the middle. Actually, quite good. I also had a Centrum Silver (generic/walmart brand), and My Vit B complex. I added the MVI yesterday.

Eat with a spoor or fork.
For lunch I made a salad with more left over Tyson Grilled chicken strips and Water. Don't forget the water. I always forget to add the water, but believe me I am drinking lots of it. :)

Not sure it has made me any Smarter, haha. But the bottle is 33.8 oz. I just wash and refill everyday. It is much easier to handle or put in your bag than those giant mugs with the handles. 
After lunch I had my new favorite (also had it yesterday, just to lazy to go back and post).
"Green Tea, Superfruit, Red Goji and Raspberry."
It has such a nice sweet smell, but has no sugar/carbs. Found at walmart.

Hopefully, will be able to post a pic of my Chappy's "Low Carb burgar" later.

Hey, it's later. Just got through with my  "low carb burgar" from Chappy's. Restuant here at Baptist Hospital, where I work and love :)
It comes with slaw that just oil and vinegar and is pretty good. But the Burger is outstanding. I had a diet coke with it. It hit the spot.

I like to cut mine and dip it in mayo.


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    1. The avocado's have really been good this year

    2. They really have. Matt just bought me some more today. :)