Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 21, Visited the scales this mornig

Well, to day is day 21. I am down 7 whopping pounds. That is not to bad. It has not really been  hard at all. I don't really have a weight loss goal. I believe if I set a goal that will put to much pressure on me. I don't really like that kind of pressure. If I were to have a day that I ate all bad things I would be ok with that and keep going. I try not to let things like that get me down. You can't change what has already happened.
Anyway, I keep things like hard boiled eggs, kraft singles(when I say singles, I mean the cheese sticks, not processed cheese), raw walnuts, almonds and pecans, and pork skins (I love chips, but they are a bad carb. And, while I know pork skins have a lot of bad fat, it is a choice I have made. Although, I have only had them 3 times since I started this modified paleo/low carb).

I try to wash all my raw veg's the day I get them if possible. And things like spinach, arugula , and romaine I wash about every 3-5 days, this keeps them fresh much longer. By keeping things ready to eat, then it is much easier to grab a healthy snack or make a salad with all those beautiful, colorful veg's.
I know I still haven't posted the first two weeks of my meal plan, don't know if I will get to it. But, I think I did post roughly what I ate.
My husband has even lost about 5 pounds and he still goes out to lunch 5 days a week.
Today, I hope to add exercise back in to my daily routine. I  Like walking, swimming and pilates. I am hoping to start back with all three today. Swimming and pilates will be  hard to do when I am working, because I work so far away. But while I am away, I can still walk and do leg lifts (great for the abdomen), in my opinion, better than sit ups, and doesn't hurt my back or neck. Later I'm gonna try to post a short video on my pilates and doing proper leg lifts. Just put your hands palms down under your Buttock and it makes them very easy to do. Don't forget to consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise plan. And don't forget to stretch.

Love  B:)

These machines can be over $300-1500. but I paid $50 on craigslist.org a couple years ago. And it is like brand new. The person I bought mine from did not still have the beginner video or poster with the positions, but those are easy enough to come by.

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  1. 7 pounds is awesome! You are on a roll I'm excited for you.