Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 21

Got up early to spend a little time with hubby before he goes to work.
Two cups of coffee. Gonna get my daily devotional ("unto The Hills" by Billy Graham), and Bible study done before I get out and exercise. I am studying Exodus. Lift yourself and your problems up to God every morning. And don't forget to thank him for all the things in your life.  "Praise God in all things."

sauteed asparagus, scrambled egg, and cheese.
Lunch was really good. I think I had the best tuna salad ever. Although, I have noticed one thing. Where I usually don't salt many foods, I find I am using more sea salt than usual. Not to much, but enough that I realize it when I eat my food. 

I never made it to pilates, but Kasen did.
I did not exercise, after all. I did think really hard about it. I did however, rake the yard, a little bit.
I spent way to much time in front of the TV and computer today and had the munchies.. So, I had 9 squares of of my Green and Black, some veg's and dip, a cheese stick.

Dinner is left overs, stuffed peppers and slaw. I have some cubed tomato's left over, also and am gonna pour it over the peppers.


  1. Replies
    1. That's how Kasen stays so fit and trim. And, I gave her a shower, afterwards. Now that was a show.

    2. hahaha. She needs another lion cut!!!!

  2. remember bunk jogging counts!

    1. Hey Betsy, Thanks for dropping in. I have done a lot of that, but on the couch. haha. We were both working when you called about a motorcycle ride today.

    2. that's so funny! I forgot all about that.

    3. Well, I gave her a shower after her pilates and I have seriously thought about trimming her myself. I probably will. I will have to video tape it