Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 24, juiced for breakfast. check it out. added kayle today.

Breakfast #1, 1 cup of coffee with coffee mate, multivit, B complex vit and arthritis strength tylenol. The last is for my aching over 50 hips and knees. 

Breakfast #2, Juice. As you can see I put in some chopped Kayle, cucumber, couple leftover slices tomato's an about a 1/2c cup left over canned diced tomato's, 1/2 bananna, 1/2 celery stick, 2-3 broccoli floweret's, 1/4 pealed lemon, seaded, 1 large pinch sea salt.. After I blended I added some Freska. It is sugar and caffeine free. I did this to thin it out. It gave it a nice zesty flavor.. I have an apple showing, but did not add it. I only try to add one fruit. I will probably be adding some apple to my lunch. 
Ok, daily devotional, and bible study (still on Exodus) done. Ready to get ready for work. 
Remember, "Through Christ, all things are possible."

See you tonight after work.

Since I worked 12 hours and was super busy, I opted for a low carb burger and slaw, and diet coke from Chappy's for lunch.
This is alway so good and satisfying.

I ate lunch so late that I really didn't get hungry for dinner, so around 6-7 I had a piece of cheese.
Then around 2300 I had a couple servings of pork skins...uuummmm. 


  1. Actually, it was very good. but I did add 1/2 can of freska to it. :). So, it kinda tasted like freska with fruits and veg's.