Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 26, This is my Friday :) Filet mignon, yummy. and I get to see hubby

Breakfast, Coffee and lots of it. That is all. When I walked in to to PACU there was already a case going, so no time for breakfast

snack, cheese stick, one piece. That's all I had time for. Wow, It sure is a busy weekend. Oh well, that just means job security. And I do love, love, love my job.

Lunch, Thanks for making me go, Franziska. You are the best.  Squash, with some kind of marinade, cabbage cooked with bacon and succotash, from the cafeteria. It was all carbs, but vegie carbs. Should have gotten the fried chicken and just pulled the breading off.

This did not last very long. My blood sugar was dropping with in a couple hours.

I had a hand full of mixed nuts I keep in a baggie, for salads at work and for low blood sugar emergencies
gotta love raw nuts.
Filet mignon
Dinner: I made a saled with kale (ok, so i just figured out there no (y) in kale).hahaha. I also added to the salad all the regular stuff. ref: pic. and I added blue cheese which i did not take a pic of. But I use a lot. Probably about 2Tbsp or more.  Wonderful Hubby grilled some filet mignon's for us and we added a side of horseradish and sour cream.  It was melt in your mouth.
My drink here is Fresca and Pellegrino  (fancy water). I also just figured out today that fresca is not spelled with a (k). I think I like it better with a (k).

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