Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 27, Juicing for breakfast. Weigh in will be Wednesday

Coffee with #1 Hubby, Who sand to me for a while (Sitting in front of the fire. I love his voice.

Vitamin's, too. generic, cemtrim silver and B complex

Breakfast, Juice. It is kinda thick. but like I said I like it that way
Kayle. Broccoli.  Cabbage. Celery. Carrots.  Cilantro. Banana. Blueberries.  Whole can of  Freska. Tomatoes.


  1. We just got more mic b12 so I got a shot the other day! And thanks for the advice on how to give those shots. It made it so much easier to kind of pinch the skin. I feel way more comfortable with it now.

  2. Glad I could help. :) And although, your dad is not doing all low carb, be is eating better and is eating what I eat when I am here. You can tell he has really lost some weight. Thanks for all your encoragement